Dr. Yitzchak (Gary) Freeman, Chiropractor

Lower Back Pain
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More days are lost in work through back pain than any other. Those who suffer know how it can affect their life and reduce their time spent with family and friends. Book an assessment today and start
Neck Pain
Years of experience providing relief for patients.
Whiplash, repetitive stress injuries, poor posture and improper sleep positions are common causes for neck pain. Chiropractic has more than 100 years of providing relief for patients.
Treatment helps alleviate the symptoms of headaches
Headaches can be a major source of pain, discomfort and days lost from work. Excellent chiropractic treatment helps alleviate the symptoms of headaches and leave you feeling clear headed again to
Dozens of practical videos and testimonials
Dr. Yitzchak Freeman has successfully helped patients suffering from all sorts of neck, back and head pains by infusing methods of chiropractic medicine, massage therapy and physical training
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