Dr. Yitzchak (Gary) Freeman, Chiropractor
Dr. Yitzchak Freeman has successfully helped patients suffering from all sorts of neck, back and head pains by infusing methods of chiropractic medicine, massage therapy and physical training elements. Eliminate your lower or upper back pains, neck

Our History

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Dr. Freeman graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1987.

He later made Aliyah to Israel where he currently operates his conveniently located clinic in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem. Over the years Dr. Freeman has treated many patients with varying levels of discomfort and a variety of ailments.

Over time, his patients have experienced a noticeable improvement in how they feel as Dr. Freeman has been able to improve their bodies both in terms of structure and function. Passionate about using a holistic approach to well-being, many patients report that they have experienced positive results beyond the reason for their initial visit. Dr. Freeman is a practitioner of Professor Stuart McGill’s techniques based on the belief that people do too much stretching and not enough strengthening. Customizing a balanced plan of chiropractic, osteopathy and exercise appropriate for your current physical condition, Dr. Freeman looks forward to helping you on your way to wellness!.