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Unusual Results!

Chiropractic solved his back and leg pain, but Herpies (Shingles) erupted within 1 day!
This has happened 3 times prior in my 20 yrs of practice. This patient had a 15 year history of back pain with sciatica. Five treatments ended his pain, but then herpies erupted in the same leg that had previously suffered from sciatica. I think his body will deal with the real problem now and he should be better within 30 days. I will update you.


Dr. Freeman demonstrating the correct Power Ball exercise techniques.

Five keys to health (Breaslow, UCLA, 1987)

Five keys to health (Breaslow, UCLA, 1987)

1. Proper nutrition
2. Adequate exercise
3. Sufficient rest and relaxation
4. Good posture
5. Positive attitude

#4 above is the most important in Chiropractors’ minds. Poor posture stresses the nerves exiting the spine and can interfere with nerve information going out to the body organs and returning to the brain.
Other important ingredients to good long-term heath are: