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Our focus on correcting posture not only makes you look taller, but is also critical in sports & work performance, pain management, and injury prevention

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About me

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My name is Dr. Yitzhak Freeman,

Graduated from Cleveland University of Chiropractic USA,

Skeletal stability specialist with over 30 years of chiropractic experience.

At my clinic in Jerusalem I will notice and identify exactly what is causing your pain.

After that, a treatment and rehabilitation plan designed to cure the problem and restore your ability to return to a routine of work and normal physical activity is determined.

My treatment techniques are manual and the best technological equipment designed to treat your pain.

Don't suffer from pain and limited mobility. Contact me today to get the best treatment.


Dr. Yitzhak Freeman

My treatments

Headaches, migraines and dizziness

One of the most common reasons for visiting my clinic. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of knowledge on the subject from hundreds of patients I have treated. During a series of treatments I can eliminate the most annoying nuisance that probably every person will experience in his life.

Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pains arise due to strain on the neck as a result of sitting for a long time at the computer, driving, using the cell phone a lot, etc.. Most of the people tend to accumulate tension in the neck area as a response to emotional states such as tension, anxiety and stress

Shoulder pain

Pain in the shoulder does not end only in the shoulder area, the pain can radiate to circumcisions in the hand, pain in the spine and more..

Herniated disc

I am experienced in reducing tension from the spine, through the treatment of the strategic touch I will reduce the tension in the spine while reducing the chronic tension in the back muscles until the pressure on the disc is completely released. In addition to improving your life, you will also improve your ability to breathe properly, reduce mental stress, improve your digestive system, and more.

Back pain in the lower or upper back

Back pain in the lower or upper back has become an integral part of the lives of many of us. The phenomenon is noticeable at any age, but in the third age it is more common with professional and focused treatment. I will return the vertebrae to their place to return to a normal routine.

Hip pain

Hip pains are quite common, there are several reasons for this, a situation in which the joint socket does not develop properly, traumas, fractures, sprains, and posture and sitting habits, even sitting cross-legged can cause wear and tear in the function of the pelvic joint

knee pain

Knee pain is a common phenomenon among those involved in sports. The walkers, the runners, the cyclists and the spinning and more. Knee pain is caused by a background of wear and tear and overexertion.
Through chiropractic treatment focused on the spine, the vertebrae are released, the posture improves, the chronic tension in the back decreases, the breathing, the heart and the blood pressure are reduced, the circulatory system, the immune system and more, the body simply feels healthier and better.

foot pain

Pain in the foot creates great burdens on the posture and the functioning of the skeletal muscle system. The foot is made up of 28 bones that are connected through 35 joints
The foot is the lower vertebra, which means that any pressure exerted on the foot will affect the hip, knee, spine, and the head
Stinging pain and Achilles tendonitis in circumcised foot are also quite common. Through precise chiropractic touch I will reduce the pain and in a series of treatments the pain will go away completely and you will return to a normal and calm life.


Reflux is a disorder in which acidic content, which usually remains in the stomach, rises from the stomach into the esophagus and causes a burn in the inner lining of the esophagus. Sometimes the stomach juices may even rise to the throat and mouth. This phenomenon is very long-awaited in babies.

Pain before/after pregnancy

One of the most common problems during pregnancy is, of course, back pain - which can appear in both the upper and lower back. As the weight increases, a heavier load is imposed on the body, and especially on the spine, which leads to the appearance of back pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment can help pregnant women suffering from: back pain, leg pain and sciatica, nausea, and hemorrhoids, constipation, swelling, numbness in the hands, pain neck and more..

Treatment for period pain

Chiropractic treatment will help with menstrual pain and improve the functioning of the body's hormonal system. A lot of women who come to my clinic come for treatment of other problems (back pain, neck and knee pain) and testify that the menstrual pain has decreased drastically because there is a connection between the things because the body is controlled by the nervous system.

Dizziness and disequilibrium

Dizziness and vertigo, imbalance can cause for several reasons can be caused by a problem in the neck and shoulders, a herniated disc in the neck and even the balance in the ear.
The feeling of vertigo can be quite stressful and even scary, gentle professional and focused chiropractic treatment will release the pressure from the spinal cord, the chronic tension decreases, the stability improves and the dizziness and the imbalance go away from the body as if it were not there.

Developmental problems in babies

Parents bring their baby to me for tests of stability and normal development. Babies suffering from constipation, stomach aches and gas, tilted head, babies with digestion problems, breathing problems, neurological or orthopedic problems and developmental problems, ear infections, spasticity, back pain, attention and concentration disorders, anxiety and more.

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